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If you have been trying to use the Contact Us! form to send comments to ATS and you receive the following error:

The form was not submitted for the following reasons:

You are coming from an unauthorized domain.

Click here to make this domain () valid.

Please use your browser's back button to return to the form and try again.
This form is provided by DONet, Inc.

The probable cause is your Internet security program blocking the Referer information that is required by the form mail program.

To prevent donet servers being used for email spam messages certain security checks are carried out, which include ensuring that the form mail to ATS is only requested from the ATS Web site's Contact Us! page (the "referer").

This is a known problem if you are using Norton Internet Security. Norton Internet Security blocks referer information by defaut. To overcome this problem you can either send ATS a message using email, or follow the steps on the Symantec support page "How to pass referer information to specific Web pages".

At step 7 of this simple procedure, enter the site name as donet.com (Note: do not add http:// or www. to the site name).

After permitting referer information to donet.com return to the Contact Us! page using your browser's Back button and you should be able to send your comments. ATS appologises for any inconvenience caused by this anti-spam protection.

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